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Vermicomposting: Wonderful Worms!

Class Description:

Worm compost is some of the finest soil conditioner and fertilizer you can give your garden. It's also odor-free and work-free, since the worms do the turning for you! In this hands-on workshop, local worm-whisperer Dan Matsch of Boulder's Eco-Cycle will help you set up your own starter worm bin for your home. We'll order worms in advance of the class and have your worm habitats ready to assemble as we learn how to care for these amazing creatures.  Please sign up at least 10 days before the event so we can order worms for you! If you miss that deadline, you're still free to join us to learn how to set up your own bin later, and we can help you order worms from a reputable source. 

Date and Time:

March 24th from 1-4pm


$50 per person if you order by March 20th. This price includes a bin, bedding and a pound of worms.

$15 per person if you have missed the March 20th deadline and just wish to learn and create your own bin at home.

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